Pink Tiger Farm is LGBTQ owned and operated by Brian Elias and Kyle McAdams. With our combined love of gardening and cooking, we packed our bags and moved from Chicago to rural southern Illinois to start a small farm focusing on farm-to-jar chili powders, spice blends, infused vinegars, and other culinary treats.
If you are like us, you don’t always have time for 20-step super recipes. That’s why we focus on simple ways to bring bold flavor to everyday meals like grandma’s famous meatloaf, mac and cheese, salad dressings, or just a regular ol’ turkey sandwich.
Elevating your day-to-day meals doesn’t have to be complicated. Try our Ancho Chili Powder mixed with mayo, Candied Habanero on deviled eggs, or Aleppo in your tuna salad. If you enjoy playing with your food, we’ll be your secret ingredient in no time.
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